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2009-07-17 - 11:03 AM

some updates... my daughter is 14 now and will be starting high school in a few weeks. =0

my son is still in chicago, now 26. he completed a woodworking apprenticeship and so now is an independent contractor with a woodworking shop.

i am going back to college in a few weeks to finish my BA in english. my daughter and i will probably graduate the same year. =I

still single and still celibate for what it's worth. i have not lost my wonder at living alone. i am not sure i will ever live with anyone again. but never say never.

coming back here feels like coming to a long lost home.. i don't know why i was gone so long.. i lost my voice for a while in therapy. could not write. i often thought i had lost it forever. had nothing new to say. but everything to think about. processing.. i grew to loathe that word..

i will chronicle my college adventures at 54... yes, i recently turned that old. sigh... more to come. it's going to be a bumpy ride.

thank you for being our angels.
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